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Airtrack Play & Gymnastics Mat

What is an Airtrack mat?

The Airtrack gymnastics mats are ideal for playing, tumbling and practising gymnastics on. They can also be used for gymnastics and yoga, and promote balance and coordination. The mats are available in many different widths, lengths and thicknesses. This makes them suitable both for home use, as well as for clubs and physical education classes.

Determine the degree of hardness

Thanks to the air filling, the Airtrack mat is adjustable in hardness. The thicker an Airtrack mat is, the more the hardness of the mat can be adjusted.

With the help of the air pump, you can set up the filling of the mat optimally for all areas of use.

More than hot air

The Airtrack mat is inflated with a hand pump or an electric pump. The pump is usually included and makes it easy to fill the mat with air. The advantage of an electric pump over a hand pump is the faster filling with air and that you can just sit back and watch it happen.

This is where the mat comes into play

The mats are especially ideal for gymnastics because they dampen the noise, minimise the risk of injury and also protect the joints.

The Airtrack mat is also ideal for use in the garden. Place the mat on the lawn or soft earth and let off steam. Although the mat is extremely puncture-resistant, we recommend that you avoid contact with sharp objects, such as stones.

Airtrack mats also have a place in the home living room and children's room. Thanks to the different sizes, the smaller mats also fit perfectly in the house or flat and invite you to do your gymnastics and tumbling. You always wanted to learn to do a handstand or a flic-flac? An Airtrack mat is the perfect surface for your acrobatics training.

An Airtrack mat is predestined for use at a swimming lake or beach. Thanks to the robust, non-slip and air-impermeable PVC cover, the mat is waterproof, making it ideal as a raft on the water. A rope can be tied to the carrying handles of the mat so that the raft always stays nicely in place. Even in the pool at home, an Airtrack mat is a cool platform to soak up the sun and relax.

Compact, more compact, Airtrack

An airtrack mat is not compact, is it? Of course it is! Airtrack mats are particularly space-saving in their original state and can be stored in a carry bag after training so that they are protected from external influences and therefore more durable. In addition, this allows the mat to be easily transported and stored, even by the little ones.

How to keep the Airtrack mat in good condition over the long term

Air it out, clean it with a damp cloth and dry it off. Finally, the mat is stored in the carry bag, which is usually included, and, as a result, is safely stored away for the next use.


The practicality of an Airtrack mat is the possibility to expand it again and again with the help of connectors. So if one mat alone is not enough for you, just get a second one and simply connect them to one another with the connector. The good thing about the connector is that you can achieve a seamless transition from one mat to the other. So nothing stands in the way of a fun workout.

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